Amy & Charlie

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When Amy told me she was engaged…I was over the moon excited for her (even though she totally knew Charlie was going to propose on their trip to San Francisco). Then when she asked me to be her planner, I was honored! Knowing Amy as a friend, and not just a client, I knew how perfect she wanted everything to be, but also how busy yet laid back she was. Knowing that she trusted me to ensure her vision came to life was simply amazing. Transforming a non-traditional, casual restaurant, (which was her and Charlie’s favorite place to eat) to a wedding reception venue and using a public park, (which was their neighborhood park) for her ceremony was not easy, but her vision came to life beautifully.

As you all know by now, my favorite part of any wedding is when the groom sees the bride for the first time. That still held true here, as Amy pulled up in a vintage convertible with her dad, but the most memorable moment is when Amy’s dad saw her for the first time. He walked in the room, and instantly tears flooded his eyes as Amy kept telling him not to cry because then she would cry – we could not have her makeup run right before the ceremony.

Charlie and Amy’s wedding was filled with so much love from the very beginning. From the sweet card Charlie had hand delivered to Amy while she got ready in the morning to their sweet personal vows exchanged at the ceremony. Even their parents spoke at the reception and brought everyone to tears. Watching the two of them dance the night away with their families and closest friends was the best part of the evening. The delicious food they chose for their guests was just an added bonus. Amy ensured every detail had her guests in mind, which in my book, is simply the sweetest!

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