Asha & Jason

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To say Asha and Jason’s wedding was one of our favorites is an understatement. Working with Asha and her check-list loving sister Maya (who by the way stole my heart with her love for organization) while planning Asha and Jason’s wedding was like planning a wedding with good friends. We laughed, enjoyed delicious sweets and perfected every detail to ensure their wedding day was nothing less than flawless. I was finally able to meet Jason a few days before the wedding (since he doesn’t live locally) and realized what all their family and friends knew all along, they are perfect together! Of course, I was seeing them during their happiest moments but after listening to the heartfelt speeches said by their siblings and closest friends, what I thought the first time I met Asha was confirmed. She is truly the sweetest person and found her soul mate in Jason, who is pretty amazing too! Helping them celebrate their love was such an honor and we wish them both a sweet forever together!

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