Newly Engaged?


Newly Engaged? Congratulations! For most brides, the wedding planning process kicks into high speed the moment you say “YES!” and it can often leave you running in circles trying to figure out what to do next. Below are the top 5 things all newly engaged couples should focus on in the first few weeks or months, depending on how long of an engagement you are planning to have, to ensure a smooth planning process.

1.  ENJOY your newly engaged self! Getting engaged is an exciting moment in your life. You have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with and have vowed to do just that! Take it in. Enjoy the moment. Spread the good news to your family and friends. Do not get caught up in planning the wedding just yet, make this time about you and your relationship.

2.  Choose a few potential dates for the wedding. Discuss options for dates with your fiancé and run them by your parents and/or closest family and friends that are an important part of your day. Always be sure to have options because that flexibility will allow you to make other important decisions down the road which takes us to number 3!

3.  Find a venue. Choosing the perfect venue for your ceremony and reception is a crucial step in the planning process. Many details will be based off of your venue. If you have a few options for dates, as discussed previously, this will allow you flexibility with your venue as well. Keep in mind that venues are often booked at least a year in advance.

4.  Contact your favorite vendors. If you have a photographer that you love, or a decorator/florist whose work blows you away, contact them once you have a date and venue. Check their availability, get a feel for their prices and see if they truly will be the best fit for you and your wedding.

5.  Do your research! The wedding industry is huge. With that being said, there are amazing vendors and unfortunately some not so amazing vendors. Before signing any contracts, read their reviews, ask your friends for recommendations and check out local bridal shows. Make sure you have enough options and are 100% comfortable with the vendors you choose as they will be the ones who will create moments of perfection for you throughout your wedding!

And as always, stay organized! Happy planning!



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