Floral Jewelry, what’s not to love?

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, two things come to mind:  jewelry and flowers. Lucky enough, for most South Asian brides, these two favorites always make an appearance at weddings and are often combined to perfection.

YES, we are talking about beautiful FLORAL JEWELRY!

The tradition of floral jewelry has been a part of South Asian weddings for hundreds of years, literally! Our great great grandmothers were adorned with it and I am sure their great great grandmothers were too! Traditionally, we see fragrant white jasmines mixed with bold red roses to make everything from necklaces to earrings and even tikkas*! But these floral masterpieces are not just for women, men are adorned with them as well. As I mentioned, the tradition of brides and grooms wearing floral jewelry is not new, but a new modern twist on floral jewelry has sparked our interest…tAnirika!

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tAnirika is the floral jewelry line from Suhaag Garden that has us falling in love with the combination of flowers and jewelry all over again…and we are not alone. When asking one of our past clients, Nilofer Khatri, about this latest trend, her response was “Modern twist to traditional haars*? I think I’m in love!” The pops of color and use of the most delicate flowers has South Asian brides all over the world in awe. This modern twist has turned flowers into art. Each piece truly looks like fine jewelry and is often accented with a little bling, what’s not to love about that!?

As our generation becomes more modern, we strive to keep our own personal style yet not let our cultural traditions fade. From modern jewelry to modern silhouettes, we can’t wait to see what the South Asian wedding fashion industry has in store for us next.

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*Tikkas: Jewelry headpiece
*Haars: Traditional necklaces worn by Brides and Grooms in South Asian weddings.  

(Photos provided by Suhaag Garden and tAnirika.  For more information about these stunning works of art, check out www.tanirika.com)
(Photography by Gaciel Santana Photography, Haring Photography, and Kimberly Photography)

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